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Tomb of the Moving Stones

Hearing rumors of a "cult of elders" trying to maintain power in Red Larch, as well as masked figures terrifying the local quarrymen, the party investigate and interrogate members of the community. They are led to a hidden tunnel buried behind Waelvur's Wagonworks. Inside they find a few dead bodies and a small boy trapped under rocks. The boy was put there by his father, Rotharr Hatherhand.

The boy tells the party about the cult, called the Believers. They were reading the stones for signs of ill omen. When the party found the stones they were confronted by robed figures that attacked. Another, more powerful magic user had been hiding behind the rocks and also joined in. The magic user was able to escape by collapsing the tunnel. The party defeated the rest of the robed figures and escaped to the surface.

The First Quest

Using information provided to them by Kaylessa Irkell of the Swinging Sword Inn, the party investigates a cave near Lance Rock. Inside they discover a Necromancer who has been trying to raise a small army for nefarious purposes. The "Lord of Lance Rock", a miserable human named Oreioth, set up many traps and put the party through a rough fight. In the end they managed to take down Oreioth and sent him off to Waterdeep for trial.

Enter the Heroes?
Day 1

Never would you see a more unlikely group. But there they were, meeting at the same intersection at the same time each with similar goals. Maybe it was fate that entwined their destinies? Or maybe just really bad luck. But it wasn't long before the group had formed and were off on an adventure. "Hired" by Harburk Tuthmarillar, the town "constable", the group took care of some bandits that were raiding along the Cairn Road.

After clearing the area of bandits they were moved by the price of a chicken to help a local woman investigate a local tomb and clean out a ghost.

They are now on their way to meet with Harburk and seek out other jobs.

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